The Perfect Body Studio

Group Personal Training

Our small group training provides a supportive and energizing environment where individuals can workout together, receive personalized attention, and achieve their fitness goals.


You deserve to feel fit, strong and confident in your health & physique.

The time you invest into training should add to your life. It should increase your energy when you’re with your family and friends, improve your productivity and drive within your career, and embed additional confidence into everything you do.


Your Transformation Roadmap

3 x Small Group Personal Training Sessions a week

1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching

Private Facility


The same way we don’t do generic training? We don’t do generic results. With our Small Group Personal Training, we customise your programming and nutrition approach so that your progress will be based off your goals.

​We’ve had clients boast about dropping dress sizes, fitting into suit jackets they haven’t even attempted since before they got married, feeling elated they can keep up with their kids and grandkids, or finally being able to put on muscle after years of frustration.


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